Upgrade Your Phones with a Digital Age Solution

Are your phones still connecting to the same old phone systems that restrict your movement, availability, and abilities?  Are you using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)?

VOIP PhoneVoice Over I.P., otherwise known as VOIP, has transformed telephone services over the past decade.  Today’s VOIP systems can be integrated with your old phone service or be hosted totally in the cloud.

VOIP phones and phone systems connect over the Internet or over your Intranet to provide voice services.  The phones connect over the same cable as your computers and often allow you to connect your computer to the phone.  That eliminates the need to run new cables.  Some VOIP phones even run over a wireless network.

You can transfer your old phone numbers to a VOIP service provider and move totally to the cloud.

Cloud-based VOIP services allow your employees to work and communicate with customers and each other from anywhere and any device.  They can use their existing cell phone to send and receive calls on their work extension.  Customers never know that they are talking to your staff when they are not at the office.

That is just the beginning of the flexibility.  Some services integrate SMS (texting), faxing, conference calls, video calls, and so much more.  Many systems work with Exchange Server, Outlook, Google, and more.

There are services for home users that start as easy as Skype and Google Voice.  There are full business systems that can accommodate your entire business.

Digital Age Solution provides full service VOIP solutions.  We can install a system at your business or home that integrates your systems or implement a fully cloud-based solution.

Best of all, VOIP systems offer a significant savings to POTS.

Find out VOIP can save you money and provide you with a lot more from a telephone!  Digital Age Solution can help get you started and support you all along the way.