Security Cameras

Security Cameras have become an integral part of business security, and over the past decade have moved into the I.T. realm.

  • VHS was replaced by Digital Video Recorders.
  • Digital Video Recorders joined the network, and users could view their cameras and footage across the network and eventually online.
  • Network Video Recorders eliminated the old Coax and power cables with Internet Protocol Cameras with Power Over Ethernet.
  • Today, Digital Age Solution offers the next step, Verkada Security Cameras.

Verkada’s cameras eliminate recorder all together. All the footage is stored on each camera and accessible through the network. This eliminates the largest security flaw with DVRs and NVRs. In order to view cameras and footage from the video recorders, networks had to be configured with ports open to the Internet. That leaves networks vulnerable to attacks.

Each Verkada camera creates an encrypted connection to Verkada’s hosted application. Customers use Verkada’s encrypted application to view cameras and recordings.

Verkada’s cameras come with ten-year warranties!

As an Authorized Partner of Verkada, Digital Age Solution works to get great deals on their hardware and licensing for our customers.

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