Protect Your I.T.

We’ve had a lot of customers with equipment damaged by the recent storms already this year. As another line of storms enters the area, Digital Age Solution reminds you that we can help protect your information technology.IMG_20150622_144806014 (1)

We have surge protectors and unlimited power supplies in-stock for just that purpose.

Its important to check to see if you are using a power strip or a surge protector. A decent surge protector will warranty equipment connected to the surge protector. Power strips do not offer protection for your equipment.

An unlimited power supply offers the best protection. These stop surges, and continue providing power through a battery. This gives you time to save any documents you may have open and shut down your computer properly.

Our Voice Over IP telephone service provides further support through storms. If you lose connectivity, our systems recognize that your home or office is not online. All your calls will automatically be directed to a cell phone, another location, or any number you specify.

DAS Sync protects your data by backing up to the cloud. Even if lightning takes out your hard drive, DAS Sync has your data ready and accessible.

If you are victim of the storms, Digital Age Solution technicians will be ready to help you repair, replace, or recover from the storm!