Microsoft Calling?

scamHere’s the scenario: Your phone rings.  You answer the phone and a friendly voice tells you that the call is from Microsoft.  They’ve been getting alerts from your computer letting them know that you have a problem with your computer.    The caller offers to remote into your computer to see what is causing the problem.

Before we continue with this scenario, please know that Microsoft is NOT going to call you about your computer.  They charge an awful lot of money for remote support, and they are not going to call you offering to do this for you.

Scared that your computer may implode, you eagerly allow this “Microsoft” technician to remotely access your computer, install some programs to scan the system, and run some “tests” on your computer.  After a while, the caller tells you that you have driver issues, viruses, malware, trojans, hijacks, and your flux capicitor is no longer fluxing.  Really, they’ll throw out any jargon that will make your eyes glaze over and fear run rampant through your mind.

As the list of problems draws to a close, this “Microsoft technician” offers to fix all of your problems, and may even offer to install their software to provide protection all year long for a low price of $200, $300, $600, or more!  The caller will even offer to protect all of your devices.  You’ll just need to provide remote access to each device.

Before you know it, you have zombie machines.  The computers slow down, fill with malware, pop-ups appear everywhere, and your good friend at Microsoft cannot be found.  The phone number and e-mail address left in a text document on your desktop does not work or no one ever responds.

We’ve had a lot of customers get taken in by this scam.  We’ve been trying to get the word out through social media, e-mail, phone calls, and any other means available.

If this has happened to you, your computers may be infected with malware designed to provide remote access to your system or worse.

Digital Age Solution’s technicians can help you remotely, come to your home or office, or provide support in our store.  You don’t have to rely on a stranger calling from remote locales.  We’re right here in Frederick, and ready to help you fight these terrible frauds!