Remote Monitoring & Management

proactiveTake the worry and headache away from your day to day or that employee who knows something about computers.  Utilized DAS’ professional solution to  reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

DAS technicians monitor your systems, including routers, printers, servers, desktops and laptops.  Techs receive alerts about issues that may be impacting your systems’ performance.  With the click of a button, DAS responds to  and manages your systems remotely to address situations, often before you know anything may be awry.

DAS tests and manages updates and patches for your systems.  Our staff monitor installations and perform remote maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

Our software allows DAS technicians to provide your users with live remote support sessions easily and quickly.  Most of the time, your staff do not have to download or search to find.  Our techs remote right into the situation to provide assistance.

Every month, DAS technicians review reports on each client’s network that details CPU usage, memory usage, hard drive capacity, Windows Update deployments, software inventories, and much more.  Using these tools, we can predict and avoid potential issues in the future and recommend courses of action to protect your data and your infrastructure.