DAS Sync


dassync.fwWith DAS Sync, you have the security your business needs, the ease of cloud sync service, and the support of Digital Age Solution. When you need support, we have your back!

Clients ask about the cloud and “How does cloud file sync work?”

From this diagram, you’ll see that cloud file sync gives users access to all of their files no matter what devices they’re using, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablet. In addition, this solution includes tons of cloud storage and enables your employees to sync all of their files to the cloud and access them from wherever they go. Our cloud file sync solution, DAS Sync, also includes easy-to-use collaboration features that empower employees to securely share files with clients and business partners outside your company. All for one monthly fee.

Cloud file sync

DAS Sync is a lot more secure than consumer-grade and even the “business” version of other products on the market. Find out how we differ from Dropbox and how you save with our comparison sheet.

DAS Sync offers File Server Enablement to allow your team to work anywhere as if they’re in the office.