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License Plate Recognition with Verkada

Digital Age Solution’s Verkada Security Camera offering now includes License Plate Recognition (LPR).

This innovative solution goes beyond being able to see a license plate on your security camera footage. LPR reads the license plates and keeps a database of license plates that have been recorded. So, you can view a list of license plates that entered your property.

Taking it one step beyond that, LPR allows customers to search for a specific or even a partial license plate and see every time that vehicle was seen entering and exiting the property or area under surveillance.

LPR joins the standard Actionable Data Insights available through Verkada’s Command Console. The other Actionable Data Insights include:

  • People Search
    • Search for individuals using clothing color and appearance
    • Access all footage of detected individuals across cameras
    • Upload image of individual to find all relevant footage
  • Vehicle Search
    • Find vehicle(s) of interest using color, body type, or make
  • Motion Plotting
    • See real-time activity across your Floor Plans
    • Track motion occurring throughout your site with live heat maps
    • Respond quickly to incidents with insights into where activity is happening
  • Smart Object Counting
    • Identify the number of people or vehicles in frame
    • Bounding boxes quickly highlight person or vehicle
    • Number indicators appear as users scroll over footage
    • Receive alerts if the number of people in an area exceeds a given number
  • Heat Maps
    • Create on-demand visualizations of space utilization
    • Plot movement of people and vehicles
    • Evaluate high-traffic areas across different time periods

Introducing Call Move

Digital Age Solution continue to build upon our services to provide our customers with new and innovative ways to stay in communication wherever you’re working.

We’ve added and expanded the UC Platform that turns your web browser into a desk phone, video meeting platform, voicemail, and messaging client.

Our mobile app continues to gain in popularity, because it turns your smartphone into your work phone to make, receive, and manage calls without exposing your private cell phone number.

Our SMS product allows you to send and receive text messages from your work phone number using UC and soon from your mobile device.

This week, DAS added Call Move to the functionality of all three platforms (desk phone, UC, and mobile app).

Call Move allows you to move any current voice call to one of the other platforms. So, if you’re on a call on your desk phone and need to get up and move, you can “MOVE” the call to your mobile phone.

  • If a user is on their desk phone they can move the call to mobile by pressing *99 and move to UC by pressing *98
  • If a user is on UC they can move to desk phone or mobile by selecting the desired “move to” destination located under the Transfer button menu
  • If a user is on Mobile they can move to desk phone or UC by selecting the desired “move to” destination located under the Transfer button menu

If you need assistance with any of these features or don’t know if you’re set-up to use these, give us a call. We’ll arrange to get you set-up with these functions.

If you are not already a DAS VOIP Customer, call or chat with us from this web page to find out how we can help you with our Cloud-based Voice Over IP and Unified Communications Products!