Person of Interest & Crowd Notifications Added to Security Cameras

Our Verkada Security Cameras just added new functions to its already powerful People Analytics.

Person of Interest Notifications

Now, users can set up proactive SMS and e-mail notifications to alert specific people or teams when a matching face is detected by a camera. A person of interest profile is created by using an uploaded image or an existing face detected by People Analytics on your cameras.

If a matching face is detected, you’ll be alerted by your choice of SMS or e-mail.

Crowd Notification

In today’s environment with COVID-19 restrictions and protests, our cameras will now notifiy you if a group has gathered in a location. You can set the limit of group size between 2 and 10 people, and be alerted if a group exceeds that number.

Should there be no more than ten people gathered in an area of your building or outside your doors?

Verkada’s People Analytics will detect and count faces. If the number exceeds your threshold, you will be notified.