Verkada Security Cameras

Verkada offers simplicity and added protection to organizations looking to modernize their approach to physical security. The D-series camera—available in indoor (D30) and outdoor (D50) models—eliminates the need for local servers, firewall equipment and network video recorders (NVRs), reducing complexity and lowering operating costs.

In place of the NVR, each Verkada camera stores video footage on industrial-grade, solid-state storage. This fully encrypted and distributed design offers a number of unique benefits. It improves security by doing away with single points of failure and unencrypted NVRs. It minimizes bandwidth consumption by avoiding continuous video upload. And it greatly reduces the cost and
complexity of extending the system—simply install new cameras, with no additional hardware equipment required.

Paired with Verkada’s intuitive, web-based software, the D-series cameras come alive with powerful new capabilities. It’s easy to grant, edit and revoke access permissions for any user—by camera, site or organization. Activity-based indexing and intelligent search features automatically identify incidents, reducing hassle and speeding response times.

Verkada even makes it possible to share real-time camera feeds via SMS. And because our cameras are web managed, software updates and upgrades occur automatically. Result: Verkada cameras are always up to date and always secure.

✓ Built with wall-to-wall encryption
✓ 30+ days of retained video
✓ Live stream access
✓ Works even on LTE
✓ Activity-based indexing and search
✓ 30+ days of retained video
✓ Live video access
✓ No extra plugins or additional hardware required