DAS Safe & Secure

There’s something a lot more valuable than the processors, memory, and hard drive in your computer systems.  That’s your data!

When your computers become infected with malware or fail due to a hardware issue, the cost of replacing lost data can be astronomical!  Sometimes, data is lost forever.

DAS works with our partners to provide a solution for our customers.  We call it DAS Safe & Secure.

DAS Safe & Secure is a managed software service combining DAS and Trend Micro services to provide Internet Security, Off-Site Back-Up, and Remote Monitoring and Maintenance.  It is the TOTAL PACKAGE:

  • Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Services
    • Protects Against:
      • Viruses
      • Hackers
      • Spyware
      • Dangerous Websites
      • Phishing
      • Data Theft
      • Inappropriate Web Sites (as chosen by you)
    • Protects PCs, Laptops, Windows Servers, Mac Clients and Servers, Android devices
  • Off-Site Back-Up (choice of protection)
    • dassyncDAS Sync
      • Continuous synchronization of files to the cloud
      • Access from any web connected device
      • Team Folders (a file server in the cloud)
    • DAS Back-Up
      • Regularly scheduled back-ups to DAS Servers
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
    • Monitoring of Systems
    • DAS Tech Alerts of:
      • Site Down
      • Internet Down
      • Server Down
      • Resource Usage:
        • CPU
        • Memory
        • Disk
        • Handles
        • Threads
      • Event Log
    • Integrity Monitoring of:
      • Servers
      • Exchange
      • Backups
      • Anti-Virus
      • Updates
      • Patches
    • Snapshots and Historical Comparisons of System States
    • Performance Analysis
    • Remote Control and Remediation